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    add -ntask and -a option to soum.sh and set openmp link for liger · e5dc929b
    Alexis SALZMAN authored
    -a option have a effect only on Liger. It give a way to fixe --account argument required
    by liger administrators.
    -ntask is an experimental option that bypass -nmpi option. It as been tested in the
    context of using n nodes (-nnodes n) in exclusive (-exclu) with m mpi task (-ntask m)
    with m<n*24 and m/n not an integer.
    In this context everything is under control  of slurm (use of srun) thanks to setting of
    I_MPI_PMI_LIBRARY env variable mandatory for intel mpi which is for now the default
     for soum.sh on Liger.
    Add openmp in machine dependant stuff as mumps version compiled in
    /home/asalzman/develop/ExternalLib/lib use openmp