Commit 4c9aaa9a authored by Benoît LÉ's avatar Benoît LÉ

Modification to take into account xAttachableGaussPoints moved to xInterface/AOMD

parent 9d5797a3
......@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@ void IntegrationPointCreator::operator()(mEntity* e_appro) const
xlinalg::xCSRVector weights(nb_gauss_points);
solve(mat, vec, weights);
xAttachableGaussPoints* att = new xAttachableGaussPoints;
xinterface::aomd::xAttachableGaussPoints* att = new xinterface::aomd::xAttachableGaussPoints;
std::transform(points.begin(), points.end(), weights.begin(), std::back_inserter(att->gauss_points),
std::make_pair<xtensor::xPoint&, double&>);
e_appro->attachData(gp_tag, att);
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