Commit b769d03c authored by Benoit LE's avatar Benoit LE

Added a toExport function to PostProcessing

May be useful if exporting a certain quantity requires some computations, but
we want to do these computations only in the case where this quantity is
supposed to be exported.
parent 7abbf641
......@@ -95,6 +95,14 @@ void PostProcessing::reinit(xMesh& mesh) {
bool PostProcessing::toExport(const std::string export_name) {
return sensor_manager.toExport(export_name);
bool PostProcessing::toExport(const std::string export_name, const int step) {
return export_manager.toExport(export_name, step, "");
void PostProcessing::exportOnSpace(const std::string export_name, const int step, const xLevelSet& ls) {
if(export_manager.toExport(export_name, step, "")) {
......@@ -62,6 +62,9 @@ public:
void createCurvesPlotFiles(std::string);
bool toExport(const std::string export_name);
bool toExport(const std::string export_name, const int step);
void exportOnSpace(const std::string export_name, const int step, const xfem::xLevelSet& ls);
template<typename ITER>
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