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......@@ -144,6 +144,9 @@ Other Informations
data are chosen and used in the script launched by ctest.
If it is changed then reference results are not the same.
* xSubMesh is only used inside and, it
can be changed for anything else that is more optimized.
* How does restart work?
It is realised by the helper class PreProcessing. We assume that we
restart at step n. Several data are needed in order to restart:
......@@ -174,3 +177,48 @@ Other Informations
luck if you go for this!
- The integration mesh has to be rebuilt, as well as partitions,
it implies the regeneration of computation mesh sadly.
Getting Started
We are going to run dam_homogeneous with both imposed displacement and
imposed force. The svn version impose a displacement, we are going to
have a few change to make it impose a force. It is done using
"echo" and "sed" programs. It changes BC in main.dat and output in
info.dat. Everything else stay the same. Go to the build dir and
TLSDuctile/test/dam_homogeneous then:
mkdir disp
cd disp
cp ../data/elasto_dam.mat mate.mat
cp ../data/rectangle.msh mesh.msh
cp ../data/info.dat info.dat
cp ../data/main.dat main.dat
cd ..
cp -r disp force
cd force
echo "RIGID_LINE 13 = { DISPLACEMENT_Y FIX = 0. }" >> main.dat
sed -i s/"force_y 1"/"disp_y 1"/g main.dat
../dam_homogeneous main.dat 2>&1|tee out.log
cd ../disp
../dam_homogeneous main.dat 2>&1|tee out.log
cd ..
vimdiff {disp,force}/out.log
A few points about the test case:
* the FIX_AND_MEASURE keyword enables a measure at the considered
boundary. The quantity measured is the dual quantity (reaction force
for imposed displacement, displacement for imposed force).
* RIGID_LINE is added so that the imposed force is done on a rigid
line, it is equivalent to imposed displacement. However, it doesn't
give the same results...
* in the two out.log, we see that either ref force norm or ref disp
norm is null. This is related to boundary conditions. The final
"Warning" is just a message to say that the simulation ends before
the step reaches "nb_step_max" value given in info.dat.
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