Commit bc117811 authored by Kevin Moreau's avatar Kevin Moreau

add new groups

git-svn-id: fbbead7c-fb4d-4173-aa67-51132c73c120
parent 4f5d99a1
......@@ -21,6 +21,8 @@ option(TLSDUCTILE_ATOMIC_TEST "include atomic test" OFF)
option(TLSDUCTILE_TEST_DAM "include test dam" ON)
option(TLSDUCTILE_TEST_DYN "include test dyn" OFF)
option(TLSDUCTILE_TEST_PLAST "include test plast" OFF)
option(TLSDUCTILE_TEST_ANIMESH_DAM "include test animesh dam" OFF)
option(TLSDUCTILE_TEST_INFINITE_DAM "include test infinite dam" OFF)
option(FASTMARCHINGINTERFACE "include FastMarchingInterface" ON)
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