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    This commit bring the following changes · 0d20941f
    Kévin Moreau authored
    * clean up unused feature.
    it affects:
      - Export.cc
      - Import.cc
    * improvement of transfer of displacement field after remeshing
    it affects:
      - Formulation.cc
    * correct a small bug that happens sometimes in restart, "mean" vectors
    had wrong size after restart. It was always too long and filled with NaN.
    it affects:
      - FormulationQS.cc
    * had several "guards" that end computation and give an error message when
    something goes wrong.
    it affects:
      - TLSSolver.cc
      - FormulationQS.cc
    * correct an error in the getGrad function of CohesiveLinearHardeningFunction
    it affects:
      - MaterialFunction.cc
    * swap orientation in comp mesh generation. It seems that it is test case dependent.
    TO BE INVESTIGATED if your comp_mesh has two colours when plotting in GMSH.
    it affects:
      - MeshGeneration.h
    * correct a bug resulting from \Gamma_in recent commit. FastMarchingModeExtension
    was updating phi based on \Gamma_in. The obtained phi was not anymore corresponding
    to the iso-lc discretisation, it leads to damage equal to 1 inside the mechanical domain.
    It leads to singular stiffness matrix.
    it affects:
      - TLSSolver.cc
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