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    Update to take into account last commits in Xfiles + clang format · 22b16f02
    Benoit Le authored
    These updates deal with the following point :
    - [DamageGrowthBase.cc] DamageGrowthBase constructor : reInitLevelSetFromFrontWithHanging and reInitLevelSetFromFrontCGAL3WithHanging which are now template : no particular issue
    - [DamageGrowthMechanics.cc] DamageGrowthMechanics::createMechanicalProblem() : DeclareInterpolationHanging has three more arguments
    -  [DamageEvals.*] xUpperCreatorFilteredFilter and xUpperCreatorFilteredRecursive (in DamageEvals.*) : was_created_by tag removed, use new mechanism to get attached entity (maybe these two classes could be moved to xFEM ?)
    - [DamageGrowthBase.cc,DamageGrowthMechanics.cc,DamageGrowthOctree.cc] xIntegrationRulePartition : at several places in the code, xIntegrationRulePartition were used, however since the new commit, a getPartition function must be given as the first argument. In the framework of TLSImplicit, it seems logical to use the getPartition from TLSGeomInterface. Therefore, the get_integ_rule function was use where xIntegrationRulePartition were previously created from scratch.
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