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    [xFEM,xCut] remove AOMD dependancy and friend to xSupportComponent class · 5f4ffd7b
    Alexis SALZMAN authored
    In this commit xSupportComponent is no longer derived from attachable
    model of AOMD. This make it more general.
    In the same spirit the friend class xPhysDomain is removed. It was
    intended to avoid some component creation in instance of
    xSupportComponent by anything but xPhysDomain. Now the method is made
    public and  xSupportComponent instance can be modified.
    As this class is a key feature of future mesh tool chain this
    generalization was mandatory to fit to : A block of the tool chain
    provide a service to access support component via a functor that return
    const xSupportComponent.
    This functor type is now given by xSupportComponent.h header.(TODO
    must replace some typdef in xDoubleCut)
    xDoubleCut has to be modified accordingly. Now in xPhysDomain class
    use of tag for xSupportComponent is replaced by
    xAttachedDataManagerAOMDGeneric mechanism. Not that knowsupportcomponent
    member is suppressed and its action treated via the new usage of
    Note also that update with change of definition is now dealing
    correctly with support (see dom5 in disk example which is now cleanly