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    m] library xGeomTools added · bc14d18b
    Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
    Main changes :
    - A new library xGeomTools is added in xGeom.
      *This library is meant to collect "simple" geometrical classes/functions.
       By "simple" we mean that they dependent only on xtensor, and xtool.
      *All the classes and functions of xGeomTools are in namespace xgeom.
      *For this commit it contains :
       xBoundingBox.h/cc, xOctreeGrid.h, xRegularGrid.h/cc, xSimpleGeometry.h,
       moved from xTensor or xFEM.
      *Previous library xGeom is split in two libraries : xDistanceNearest and
       xScanElement in respectivevly xGeom/xDistanceNearest
       and xGeom/xScanElement,
      *The old xGeom library do not exist any more.
      *Note that the 3 libraries contained in directory xGeom populate
       the namespace xGeom.
      *Global build option BUILD_XGEOM is removed.
        BUILD_XSCANELEMENT are added.
      *xGeom/CMakeLists.txt is removed
      *xUTil/cmakeUtil :
       FindxGeomTools.cmake, FindxDistanceNearest.cmake, FindxScanElement.cmake
       added, FindxGeom.cmake is removed.
      *xAnalyticalSolution, xCrack, xDoubleCut, xLegacySimpleCut, xDomainDecomp,
       xExport, xExt, xFEM, xInterfaceAOMD, xMeshInterface, xOctree, xMapping,
       xTLS, now depend on  xGeomTools.
      *xOctree and xTLS now depends on xDistanceNearest
    - xBoundingBox :
      *added member functions  inclose(), now used in xMesh, xSubMesh
      and xLagrangeMapping.
      *added default constructor and constructor for 2 xPoint.
      *default constructor now build an  empty "bb"  by havinh min(i) > max (i)
    - xRegularGrid : dependencies to xMesh are removed.
    - xMesh.h :  part of previous xOctreeGrid that was dependent of xMesh are
      no directly implemented in xMesh. (see xMesh::createGrid() and
    Miscanelous changes along the way (removing useless dependencies)
    - xValue.cc : removed "useless" inclusions of "xApproxFunction.h",
      "xField.h", "xLevelSet.h", "xSpacePolynomial.h", "xTensors.h",
      "xTensorsPtr.h" "xVector.h" as well as useless using AOMD::mEdge
      and using AOMD::mEntity.
    - xValue.h : removed useless inclusions of  <set>,
      <boost/graph/adjacency_list.hpp>, <boost/graph/connected_components.hpp>,
      "xTensorsPtr.h", "xDebug.h", "xNearestNeighborInterface.h"
    - xValue_imp.h : removed useless includes "mEdge.h" and "xGeomeElem.h"
    - xValueManager.h - removed dependencies to xMesh.
    - some of AOMD include cascading in other files because of the previous
      removed inclusion were putting std::string in global namespace.
      std::string is now added in the following files :
      std::string xExport.h, xExportEnsight, xExportGmsh.h
      xExportTranslate.cc/h, xField.h, xFEM/src/xSpacePolynomial.h.
    - xData.cc inside void xData::ReadInfo(const char *filename),
      unused variable xBoundary crvboundary; is removed.
    - all modified and added files are clang-formatted.
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