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    Xfiles: add libraries graph dependency as dot files · fe56d333
    Alexis SALZMAN authored
    Those are directed graph with arrow saying that
    originated library dependes on target library.
    Dependance mean here a header inclusion from dependant
    library in the current library.
    dependancy of xFiles libraries against external
    libraries. May not be exhaustive.
    dependancy of xFiles libraries
    May not be exhaustive.
     blue connection are comming from recent move from
     xFEM to xExport and xLegacySimpleCut. Maybe in
     future we wil remove them
     red connection commes from CMAKE and shoud not exist
    To generate png images
    dot -Tpng -o Xfiles_dependence.png  Xfiles_dependence.dot
    dot -Tpng -o Ext_dependence.png  Ext_dependence.dot
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