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    [xmapping] made fully independent from Trellis · 23c79dc2
    Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
    xmapping now have it's own enum type xReferenceElementType defined in
    xReferenceElement. It is there to replace Trellis mType inside xMapping.
    The xMappingBuilder are moved to xfem. Rational : The builder work on
    mEntity that are not supposed to be known by mapping.
    This being done the only dependencie left in xMapping is the dependecies to
    a function is added in xAOMDEntityUtil.h to get the xReferenceElement from
    the mEntity, as well as conversion fonction from xReferenceElement to
    mType. In the current version of the library, this function is only used
    in xfiles to create  a Trellis_Util::GausIntegrator out of a xMapping.
    Therefore these conversion function might become useless when we make
    our own Trellis free Integrator.
    Most of the other change in this commit are consequencies of the above.
    Small other minor change are listed below :
    -xfiles_dependence.dot has been updated with xmapping dependencies.
    -delete mapping added in xElement::xyz2uvw ...
     this was missing and was causing a memory leak.
      (Note : It might be better for the builder to return smart pointer to
      mapping instead of newed pointer ... )
    - xTensor2 semi-colon were removed where it was useless and issued a warning.
    - xVector : copy assignement added. Rational : since we have a no default copy
      constructor, a default copy assignement is deprecated in the standard
      according to gcc
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