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    [CMAKE] Add option to xTensor and xMapping creation · 8ce1bff4
    Alexis SALZMAN authored
    xTensor and xMapping library were not managed by any options. For sure
    both may/are (I don't know) needed by almost all other libraries. But it
    is not the question of "need" but the question of "when" that those new
    option answer to.
    In many free project the moto to get them in use is
    "configure/cmake, make, make install"
    Here if we consider that all ours repositories works like that, xFiles
    and xTest and ...(Applis) may be compiled separately with steps:
    "make install"
    Introducing those options gives a way to avoid xMapping and xTensor
    compilation all the time. They are compiled and installed when dealing
    with xFiles. Then there is no need to compile then for  XTest ....
    Actual vision is to use the same GEMUtil CMakelist.txt and switch option.
    That introduce this constraint but maybe in future we will split that
    file in some peaces : option block, Xfiles, xTest, APPLI.
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