1. 06 Nov, 2020 1 commit
    • Nicolas CHEVAUGEON's avatar
      [xFEM, xMapping] xGeomElem code is simplifyed mostlty by using improved xMapping interface. · b71ddff8
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
      xGeomElem code is simplifyed (and improved ?) in the following way :
      - All the members now have version with the correct camelCase style. The old version are kept (for example GetDetJac is "cloned" to getDetJac), but are marked as "deprecated" in the their doxygen documentation. I tryed to use the [[deprecated]] attribute on them but unfortunatly, it's c++14 and we still can't use this version of the standard. I kept all the old version there since xGeomElem is used all over the places, but I would like to remove them in a near future ...
      - xBoundingBox xGeomElem::getBoundingBox() const take the place of void xGeomElem::GetBoundingBox(xtensor::xPoint& min, xtensor::xPoint& max) const.
      - The implementation take advantages of improved interface to xMapping.h
        for example :
        xtensor::xPoint xGeomElem ::getCDGxyz() const
         double u, v, w, x, y, z;
         mapping->COG(u, v, w);
         mapping->eval(u, v, w, x, y, z);
         return xtensor::xPoint(x, y, z);
        is replaced by
        xtensor::xPoint xGeomElem::getCDGxyz() const { return mapping->eval(mapping->COG()); }
        void xGeomElem::setUVWForVertex(int inod) which was almost 200 lines
        is replaced by
        void xGeomElem ::setUVWForVertex(int inod) { uvw = mapping->getMappingVertex(inod); }
        where mapping->getMappingVertex(inod); just return data that where already in xMapping.
      - setting/clearing  the mapping or integrator members of the class was complicated because we have to keep track of differents life  time for  these pointers depending if they where defaulty allocated or pass by the user and eventulaly shared by differents
        xGeomElem. This is now simplifyed using a unique_ptr and classic ptr, allowing to use the implicitly declared destructor for
        This pave the way for better mapping management in the  futur (I'm thinking of high order mapping that would be expensive
        to construct, that we might wan't to store in the builder ...)
      - we now have move constructor, move assignment and swap for xGeomElem, making them more usable in standard containers.
      Note on xGeomElem :
       - I think set/getOrientation are not very usefull, probably bug prone, and I think they should be removed.
       - I'm not sure we still need the integrator to be included in the xGeomElem, Integration behing performed in most cases using an
         xIntegrationRule  and xCommandOnGeomElem that could set directly the current point instead of setting it using both xGeomElem::setIntegrationPointNumberForDegree and xGeomElem::setUVW(int ipt)
      4 access functions have been added in class xMapping to access data that where already there, but not accessible outside xMapping.cc :
         -size_t getNbMappingVertices() const;
         -xtensor::xPoint getMappingVertex(size_t i) const;
         -static size_t getNbMappingVertices(xReferenceElementType type);
         -static xtensor::xPoint getMappingVertex(xReferenceElementType type, size_t i);
  2. 05 Nov, 2020 1 commit
    • Nicolas CHEVAUGEON's avatar
      [xFEM/test] added 2 atomic test for 3d search structure · a7cd5a68
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
      First, I added a test directory inside xFEM for xFEM Atomic test that was missing. (As usual Atomic test means that the test do not need other library that the current tested library dependencies)
      A new Build option is added, corresponding to the xFEM Atomic test  : BUILD_XFEM_TEST. It must be set to ON in your parent CMakeFiles.txt for this test to be builded, thanks to the Xfiles/CMakeLists.txt that will add the subdirectory xFEM/test to the build if BUILD_XFEM_TEST is set to ON
      In xFEM/test I added two tests cases :
      testxOctreeGrid and testxRegularGrid, along with there references.
      Some other tests from in Xtest/xfem-seq-test for example could also be moved here.
  3. 04 Nov, 2020 2 commits
    • Alexis SALZMAN's avatar
      [xMapping] rm warning about potential non initialized variable usage · 6bb4eac4
      Alexis SALZMAN authored
      In both files some variable were potentially not initialized and
      nevertheless used for some computation.
      After checking with N.C. for xLagrangeMapping.cc the case were
      knots.size() is null is impossible => assert. Then a simple init with
      first point remove the warning and set without ambiguity x1,y1,z1.
      For xMapping.cc the switch was not defaulted and thus DetJac may remain
      unset. Setting it to 1 and put a default case in switch solve the prb.
    • Nicolas CHEVAUGEON's avatar
      [XFEM, xExport, xInterface/xOctree] dependences to AOMD's octree is removed and related changes. · 22fa74d5
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
      xFEM/src/xOctreeGrid.h is a new file. It introduce a octree grid search
        structure to use in place of the AOMD::octree that was used in xMesh
        for the locateOctree members functions. It permits to construct an octree
        search structure on top of a collection of mesh entity.
      xFEM/src/xRegularGrid.h/cc has been modifyed so that :
       - it uses the xBoundingBox class.
       - The member function name have been changed to reflect the camel case
         convention, common to the rest of the xFEM library.
       - getElementsForPoint now return a vector of {element, localcoordinate} pair,
         so that the local coordinate of the target point in each element that
         contains it is now accessible.
       - The code have been clarifyed and simplifyed.
      xBoundingBox.h :
        - added 2 member function in xBoundingBox :
         /// return the center of the bounding box
         xPoint center() const { return (min + max) * 0.5; }
         /// return a vector from min to max
         xVector<double> diag() const { return xVector<double>{min, max}; }
        - Note that following a discussion with A. Salzmann, xBoundingBox could
          be moved in a near futur to namespace xgeom and the file might be part
          of a new library (xGeomTools maybe)
      xFEM/src/xMesh.h/cc has been modifyed so that :
        - It uses the xBoundingBox class were usefull, implying some interface
          change :
           * std::pair<xPoint, xPoint> compute_bounding_box(mEntity* e)
             is changed to :
             xBoundingBox compute_bounding_box(const mEntity& e);
           * void compute_bounding_box(xPoint& min,xPoint& max) const;
             is "deprecated", but is still there during the transition.
             it is replaced by :
             xtensor::xBoundingBox compute_bounding_box() const;
        - locateElementOctree and locateElement have changed interface,
          reflecting the changes in xRegularGrid and the use of xOctreeGrid instead of
          AOMD's octree.
        - Better control of the search structure in xMesh, since now the octree or
          the regular grid can both be cleared, updated or accessed by calling
          respectively xMesh Members   createOctree(), clearOctree(), getOctreeGrid(),
          createGrid(), clearGrid(), getRegularGrid.
        - The search structure pointers are now managed in a unique_ptr.
        - xMesh::copyMeshInternal now copy the search structures if needed instead
          of throwing.
        - AOMD_SharedInfo.h, autopack.h, OctreeCreate2.h (from AOMD) are not
          included anymore.
      xCrack/src/CrackPostpro.cc,  xCrack/src/ExportSensors.cc/h, modified so that it
        reflect the change in xMesh::locateElement
       xExport/src/xSensors.cc/h :
        -modified so that it reflect the change in xMesh::locateElement,
        -Trellis_Util::mPoint replaced by xtensor::xPoint
        -small changes to simplify the implementation
        -clang-format first the first time I think.
        -modifyed to use xBoundingBox
        -surface2LevelSet::getBB(xPoint&, xPoint&) is replaced by
         const xBoundingBox &getBB() const { return BB; }
        -surface2LevelSet members xPoint BBmin, BBmax are replaced xBoundingBox BB;
        -a bug was found in the process :
         In surface2LevelSet::createMeshBBox that create an xMesh out of grid,
         the grid point coordinate were computed as :
          double xyz[3] = {BB.min(0) + i * elemSizeX, BB.min(1) +
                                       j * elemSizeY, BB.min(2) + k * elemSizeY};
         instead of :
           double xyz[3] = {BB.min(0) + i * elemSizeX, BB.min(1) +
                                        j * elemSizeY, BB.min(2) + k * elemSizeZ};
         The bug is corrected, but reference of test case
         xinterface-xoctree-test/surface2LevelSet had to be changed.
      All modifyed files have been clang-fomated.
  4. 03 Nov, 2020 3 commits
    • Nicolas CHEVAUGEON's avatar
      [xMapping] adding some virtual member to xMapping. · 661796b4
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
      xMapping now include xTensor/src/xBoundingBox.
      The following virtual member function of xMapping have been added.
      They all have default implementation in terms of the one existing before.
      They mostly simplify code when using them, and do not need to be implemented i
      in derived class (but could for optimization purpose)
       virtual xtensor::xPoint eval(const xtensor::xPoint &uvw) const;
       virtual tensor deval(const xtensor::xPoint &uvw) const;
       virtual bool invert(const xtensor::xPoint &xyz, xtensor::xPoint &uvw) const;
       virtual double jacInverse(const xtensor::xPoint &uvw, tensor &invjac) const;
       virtual double detJac(const xtensor::xPoint &uvw) const;
       virtual bool inReferenceElement(const xtensor::xPoint &uvw) const;
       virtual xtensor::xPoint COG() const;
       virtual double pushBack(const xtensor::xPoint &uvw, size_t vsize, vector3d *vec) const;
       virtual double pushBack(const xtensor::xPoint &uvw, std::vector<vector3d> &vec) const;
       virtual double pushBack(const xtensor::xPoint &uvw, size_t vsize, tensor *tens) const;
       virtual xtensor::xBoundingBox boundingBox() const;
      interface change in xMapping :
          virtual bool interiorCheck(const xtensor::xPoint &p, double u, double v, double w) const; changed to virtual bool interiorCheck(const xtensor::xPoint &p, xtensor::xPoint &uvw) const;
       Modified files :
         modified to reflect xMapping::interiorCheck interface change
    • Nicolas CHEVAUGEON's avatar
      [xtensor] added file xboundingBox.h · 6371e2c6
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
       in file xTensor/src/xBoundingBox.h
       added class xBoundingBox in xTensor.
       it helps to manipulate bounding box thanks to the member functions,
       and will permit to remove some code duplication regarding bounding box
       intersection or checking if a point is inside a bounding box,
       compared to a model were we just pass around two xPoint.
    • Nicolas CHEVAUGEON's avatar
      [xtensor] added member function in class xPoint · e6740a5b
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
       added member function in class xtensor::xPoint :
        double & operator [] (int i);
        double operator [] (int i) const;
        xPoint operator / (double other) const;
        xPoint& operator /= (double other)
        xPoint& operator -= (const xPoint &other)
        bool operator == (const xPoint & other) const
       xTensor/src/xPoint.h   clang-formated
  5. 05 Oct, 2020 5 commits
    • Alexis SALZMAN's avatar
      [xFEM] a priori performance enhancement of xfieldStorageFull · d26022a1
      Alexis SALZMAN authored
      This commit remove usage of AOMD EntityHashKey and EntityEqualKey for unordered_map
      container. Using default hash and equalkey based on address (the key is a
      pointer) is a priori more efficient.
    • Alexis SALZMAN's avatar
      [xMeshTool] add a new Parmetis partition function with weight · bc7d89a7
      Alexis SALZMAN authored
      This commit is adding template function setParmetisPartitionWithWeight that
      use a set of weights per element to optimize ParMetis partitioning based on
      multi criteria (the weights).  The template parameter (an int) is fixing the
      number of weights per element. The interface is kept simple. Only an extra
      xAttachedDataManagerAOMD is used to passe weights set per element.
      No test case for now but it have been heavily tested in some apps.
      This function is using almost the same algo as the one used for
      setParmetisPartition in the cc file. It is rather dirty (code
      duplication) but efficient.
      It add also a new dependency in terms of cmake. xInterfaceParMetis must
      now be added in cmake to use xLoadBalanceTools. But anyway from my point
      of view it should already be the case. Normally xInterfaceParMetis should
      embedded ParMetis and in cmake finding metis/parmetis lib should not be
      done.... Modern cmake would do even more by setting all this dependency
      setting for you .....
    • Alexis SALZMAN's avatar
      [xInterface][AOMD] add func to xMeshToolAOMD and xAOMDEntityUtil+misc · 3af9ff86
      Alexis SALZMAN authored
       * Add a getPoint function to simplify xPoint creation from mVertex (no
         need of vector like getPoints which is more general).
       * make alive commented (in xMesh) printMesh and printEntity functions.
         They will certainly move to AOMD interface one day. But for now
         please let them stay active has I use then for debugging in my
         application. No time to do a test case on the subject.
       * To avoid warning on unused variable clean creation of object returned
         by many function that are not used afterward.
    • Alexis SALZMAN's avatar
      [xFEM] hopefully simplifying xMesh source · 62dcf4fb
      Alexis SALZMAN authored
      Has we are in the middle of a big change the modify state stuff were
      appearing in xMesh despite their AOMD nature. To simplify, comments are
      removed and  xinterface::aomd::modifyAllState function is use in replacement
      of the ugly set of  12 calls to modifyState method. This will certainly
      disappear in the future
      Remove comment regarding printMesh/printEntity. A future commit will
      bring them back alive.
    • Alexis SALZMAN's avatar
      Xfiles] miscellaneous change related to warnings · 953b8f8d
      Alexis SALZMAN authored
      Changes are:
        * unused variable
        * wrong order for explicit member creation
        * wrong sign comparison
        * change int to size_t
        * virtual destructor addition to avoid in future a possible memory leek
  6. 28 Sep, 2020 7 commits
    • Benoît LÉ's avatar
      [xTLS] Added printMatrixMarket function to coefWarperSparse · c04103bc
      Benoît LÉ authored
      May be useful to debug.
    • Benoît LÉ's avatar
      [xFEM] Corrected bug in xGradOperatorAxisym and xGradLocalOperatorAxisym · 4e1d4427
      Benoît LÉ authored
      Use geo_integ instead of geo_appro.
    • Benoît LÉ's avatar
      [xFEM] Forgot to use xtool::xDataType<S>::zero() in xAssemblerLumpedBlockEqu... · 0c0aaefa
      Benoît LÉ authored
      [xFEM] Forgot to use xtool::xDataType<S>::zero() in xAssemblerLumpedBlockEqu and xAssemblerLumpedBlockEquInVector
    • Benoît LÉ's avatar
      [xFEM] Corrected a few bugs in xEvalGradFieldAxisym · cfe6ecb8
      Benoît LÉ authored
      - Use integ instead of appro
      - Deal with the case r = 0
    • Benoît LÉ's avatar
      [xFEM] Added xAssemblerLumpedBlockEqu and xAssemblerLumpedBlockEquInVector. · d5c4a868
      Benoît LÉ authored
      These assemblers can be used to assemble lumped matrix. They will both do the same thing, aside from
      the fact that xAssemblerLumpedBlockEquInVector will assemble in a vector containing the diagonal coeffcients
      of the lumped matrix (so it will be used with a bilinear form to assemble in a vector).
      These assemblers take each block of the assembled matrix, compute the average and assemble it on the corresponding diagonal coefficients.
      For instance, the lumped version of the following matrix
          [a b 0 0]
          [c d 0 0]
          [0 0 e f]
          [0 0 g h]
      would be
          [m1 0  0  0]
          [0  m1 0  0]
          [0  0  m2 0]
          [0  0  0 m2]
      where m1 = (a+b+c+d)/4 and  m2 = (e+f+g+h)/4
      They are not supposed to be used with vectors, so (for now) the assemble_vector gives a throw.
    • Benoît LÉ's avatar
      [xTLS] Added frontExist function to TLSGeomInterface · b1fc814e
      Benoît LÉ authored
      This function tells if front (iso-zero mesh) exists or not. The implementation
      is exactly the same as the crackExist function, using iso-zero mesh instead of
      iso-lc mesh.
    • Benoît LÉ's avatar
      Bug correction following removing of xMesh::del + bug correction · 4ba05f8e
      Benoît LÉ authored
      In TLSGeomInterfaceSignedVectorDistanceFunction, the link-on-front-based modes
      merging uses an xAttachedDataManagerAOMD (called mode_cut_edge in the code) to store, for each iso-zero node of the
      Fast Marching mesh, the parent edge (or node) of the computing mesh. This xAttachedDataManagerAOMD
      is created at the begining of the FM mesh creation, when the iso-zero nodes are
      copied into the FM mesh. Then the FM mesh is created, and after that the modes
      are merged.
      The problem is that during the FM mesh creation, some nodes are merged, which
      may in some cases delete some mEntity*, which are keys in mode_cut_edge. Before
      the commit on xMesh::del, it was not a problem, probably because in the previous
      version, the pointer to mEntity was not deleted after calling xMesh::del.
      However after this commit the computation abort in mode_cut_edge destructor (probably because we try to call
      a delete on an mEntity which does not exists anymore).
      This has been fixed by properly deleting data from mode_cut_edge before deleting
      the associated key.
      Also, minor fix when dealing with warped nodes.
  7. 18 Sep, 2020 1 commit
    • Nicolas CHEVAUGEON's avatar
      [DataManager] added functionalities to the DataManager famillies. · 0685530e
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
      class concerned :
      - added public type alias :
        using value_type = DATATYPE;
        using key_type = KEYTYPE;
        Rational : usefull for generic programming with datamanagers.
      - added member function contains :
      bool contains(const KEYTYPE &key) const;
      return true if the key is in the datamanager.
      rational : when need to know if a key exist in the data manager, calling contains is easier and faster than call getData(key) and check if null.
      The name contains is  standard in stl associative container starting at c++20. It complement the old count.
      - added member function rangeKey :
      xtool::xRange<c_iterKey_t> rangeKey() const;
      return the range of key in the container.
      rational : avoid calling beginKey() and endKey() in some contexts. Make Datamanagers in sync with other containers of Xfiles.
  8. 17 Sep, 2020 1 commit
    • Alexis SALZMAN's avatar
      [xFEM,xCut] remove AOMD dependancy and friend to xSupportComponent class · 5f4ffd7b
      Alexis SALZMAN authored
      In this commit xSupportComponent is no longer derived from attachable
      model of AOMD. This make it more general.
      In the same spirit the friend class xPhysDomain is removed. It was
      intended to avoid some component creation in instance of
      xSupportComponent by anything but xPhysDomain. Now the method is made
      public and  xSupportComponent instance can be modified.
      As this class is a key feature of future mesh tool chain this
      generalization was mandatory to fit to : A block of the tool chain
      provide a service to access support component via a functor that return
      const xSupportComponent.
      This functor type is now given by xSupportComponent.h header.(TODO
      must replace some typdef in xDoubleCut)
      xDoubleCut has to be modified accordingly. Now in xPhysDomain class
      use of tag for xSupportComponent is replaced by
      xAttachedDataManagerAOMDGeneric mechanism. Not that knowsupportcomponent
      member is suppressed and its action treated via the new usage of
      Note also that update with change of definition is now dealing
      correctly with support (see dom5 in disk example which is now cleanly
  9. 16 Sep, 2020 2 commits
    • Alexis SALZMAN's avatar
      [xFEM] add security to avoid potential memory leek in xData · 5d11f62f
      Alexis SALZMAN authored
      One recent commit change 'mesh' data member access of class xData. It is now
      a private member. Two get/set methods were added to access to this pointer.
      But if we read with xData a mesh from a file and choose afterword to  use setMesh
      method to reassign the 'mesh' pointer to a new mesh instance user had to
      pay attention to the way he treat memory allocated done during first read from file.
      If he did want to avoid potential memory leak he had to call the getMesh
      method and with the return pointer free memory, all this before calling setMesh ...
      This commit choose to add a state to xData to say if the 'mesh' data
      member point to a memory maintained by xData or not. A new delMesh
      method is then in charge of freeing memory pointed by 'mesh' pointer only if
      this memory was allocated by xData. This function is called in setMesh
      to avoid memory leek. It is also called in destructor to avoid to free memory
      allocated by user (double free error). And it is made public to offer a
      simple way to free memory allocated by xData if any.
      Hop this make things more clear to user. For sure it is not ideal for
      thread safety ...
    • Gilles MARCKMANN's avatar
      Remove last reference to Trellis_Util::LagrangeMapping in xFEM and change it... · bd464931
      Gilles MARCKMANN authored
      Remove last reference to Trellis_Util::LagrangeMapping in xFEM and change it in xmapping::xLagrangeMapping.
  10. 15 Sep, 2020 1 commit
  11. 09 Sep, 2020 1 commit
  12. 07 Sep, 2020 1 commit
  13. 03 Sep, 2020 3 commits
    • Alexis SALZMAN's avatar
      [xLinAlg] release constrains in xDistIndex regarding index creation/link · ef5b2684
      Alexis SALZMAN authored
      A test in finalize was checking sizes of packed_id and to_from
      containers. Sizes are normally equal. Since now, and in dedicated
      test case it was true as insertToFrom method last call was always done
      after the last call to insertIndex method. The test that check size was
      then logical as insertToFrom resize to_from with the size of packed_id.
      If sizes were different this was a problem.
      Now this implicit calling order in between  insertToFrom and insertIndex
      is to constraining and complex to understand for user. This commit with
      a quick dirty fix release this test. Now a message (in debug mode)
      appears and to_from is resized to packed_id size if not of same sizes.
      This let user interleave insertToFrom and insertIndex the way he wants
      (but still with the restriction that insertToFrom only deals with index
       already present in instance).
       A comment in the header was added about that => cf
      For now this size coherence checking is no more done but in future we
      may thing about doing things differently so that some checking is added
      in finalize method.
    • Alexis SALZMAN's avatar
      [xMapping] Change CMakeList file to cope with ARCHOS change · ce31be61
      Alexis SALZMAN authored
      In xMapping attempt by N.C. to use modern cmake mechanism that
      associate dependency to target work successfully in the reference
      context (tnode 10).
      In my context lack of dependency make compilation stop. From a brief
      analysis I do related this problem to the fact that in my context I use
      ARCHOS variable. When touching to ARCHOS variable target dependency
      recognition seems to be in default. Hypothesis to confirm.
      For now I switch back to old way of treating dependency.
    • Alexis SALZMAN's avatar
      [xTool] make xNoDeltaTime works + test case · 487ba92c
      Alexis SALZMAN authored
      xNoDeltaTime class was bugged. Now this class is ok and rigorously having the
      same API as xDeltaTime class.
      With this class that cost nothing (all call to instance method
      are optimized out by compiler) we can now consider to let monitoring
      instruction to stay in the middle of the code. No more dirty macros are
      needed around those instructions. Only at creation time the instance
      created is either a xNoDeltaTime or a xDeltaTime object (and macro if
      necessary appears only at this level)
      A small atomic test case check that xNoDeltaTime do not cost anything.
      Be careful to not encapsulated  a xNoDeltaTime or a xDeltaTime object
      into a std::function. You would alleviate all the effort to make
      xNoDeltaTime to cost nothing. Because std::function itself do cost and
      keeping monitoring instructions in the code would then degrade
  14. 01 Sep, 2020 1 commit
    • Nicolas CHEVAUGEON's avatar
      [Xfiles] removing using xxx in global namespace in headers. · af6f2b76
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
          - lot of using std or using xfem or using std::string etc ..  were still present in global namespace in some header. Following a discussion with A. Salzman, I removed most of them.
          - In the transition from mPoint to xPoint, Some using point = xtensor::xPoint were defined inside some class (xMapping, xElementfor example... ). They were identifyed as confusing by A. Salzman and are now removed.
          Most of the changes in this commit reflect the previous change. The guideline is to avoid hiding namespace at least at global scope in header-file. This can avoid some confusion and some surprising and hard to track effects where some stuff compil or not depending on the order of inclusion of header files.
  15. 03 Aug, 2020 1 commit
  16. 24 Jul, 2020 2 commits
    • Nicolas CHEVAUGEON's avatar
      [xcut] xPhysSurByTagging : no more direct aomd tag · 4c99be34
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
      Two tag on aomd entities, only owned by xPhysSurfByTagging needed to be replaced by a datamanager : the tag_support, and the tag_entities. they are used to store on entity information relative to their position with regard to the iso-0 of the level-set use to construct the xPhysSurf.
      information related to tag support are only relative to entities of the base mesh on wich the leve-set is defined and the migration for this case was quite easy.
      for the entities tag, the job was more difficult since the data is associated on entities of  :
      - The base mesh
      - a partition mesh attach to any entity of the base mesh, and that eventually recursivelly.
      - of the boundarymesh that represent the iso-zero and also on partition mesh related to entities of the boundary mesh
      The above is difficult because no entity should be destroyed before the data associated to it had the chance to be cleared. This contrast with the "automatic" cleaning behaviour of the data directlty attached to the entity via the direct aomd tag mechanism.
      The Major part of this commit is therfore the rewrite of the clear() function of xPhysSurfByTagging, that take properly (I hope ) into account the fact that multiple xPhysSurfByTagging can be contructed on the same mesh and can create a recursion in the partition up to level 2.
      This rewrite give us a little better functionality for xPhysSurfByTagging :
      It is now possible to create Two xPhysSurf that have partition mesh that intersect and then destroy the second  and recover the state has if the second one was never created. This is nice, and make global call to cleanPartition() not usefull any more, and potentially damaging (if you delete the partition before clearing your xPhysSurf you will get into trouble ... see above). On the other hand, it also mean that promotors need to be preciselly stated and that xPhysSurfbyTagging abject must always be destroyed ore cleared in reverse construction order.
      small details :
      xPhysSurfByTagging :
       - added a public clear member function.
       - destructor now calls clear().
       - clear called by construct_ ()and therefore by constructor and by update.
      xTLSGeomInterfaceV0 : this version use 3 xPhysSurByTagging. it's clearing function have been rewrittre to  delete it's xPhysSurf in reverse construction order.
      Note :
      There is only one raw tag left in xcut/xlegacysinglecut : the tag related to "sideof" I need to coordinate with B. Le to finish this one. I think it should desappear ...
      Last Note : I got caught by the old compiler on titan (g++ 4.8) I had a
      very strange bug : in a constructor I was using the new {} syntaxe to
      call the constructor of each member of a class befor entering
      constructor scope, instead of the old (). I was using into to initialise
      a const reference to a xPhysSurfByTagging with another const reference
      to the same type .... Turn out that it was calling the copy constructor
      od xPhysSurByTagging in this case, but not when using the () !  Note that with a more recent
      compiler, this trouble did not show up. To avoid this to happen again I
      marked the copy constructor as deleted for xPhysSurfByTagging. We really
      should do the same for all class that we want to make sure that no
      default copy constructor would be instancied ...
    • Nicolas CHEVAUGEON's avatar
      [xtool, xInterface] members size and empty added to DataManager · 56118b0a
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
      members size and empty added to :
  17. 22 Jul, 2020 2 commits
  18. 21 Jul, 2020 4 commits
    • Nicolas CHEVAUGEON's avatar
    • Nicolas CHEVAUGEON's avatar
      [xtool and xInterface/AOMD/general] added emplaceSetData in Datamamanager · 03944d76
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
      The 3 implementations of the datamanager were only usable if affectation
      operator for the type DATA exit, because the only way to set a data
      associated with a key was to do something like
      dataman.setData(key) = DATA;
      Behind the cover, setData actually call the defaut constructor of DATA.
      Since there is no proper way to have an affectation operator with type
      that contain const data member, and we want to be able to store such
      data in DATAMANAGERS, member function emplaceSetData was added, for the
      3 implementations of DATAMANAGER.
      example :
      dataman.emplaceSetData(key, a,b,c , ....) were a,b,c, ... area any
      number of argument of any type that are passed to the DATA constructor
      inside set Data.
    • Nicolas CHEVAUGEON's avatar
      [xcut/xDouvleCut] xSignedVectorLevelSetData is not derived from mAttachableData any more. · 4e0c6873
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
      Since it is not directly attached to mEntity via tag, it's not needed
      any more to have xSignedVectorLevelSetData  derived from
    • Nicolas CHEVAUGEON's avatar
      [xcut] xSignedVectorLevelSet aomd tag usage replace by datamanager · ae375cff
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
          * xSignedVectorLevelSet is now using a datamanager to store SVLSdata at vertex instead of AOMD tag.
          * xSignedVectorLevelSet was a template on the iterator used to construct it. Template parametrization was needed to store the iterator needed for the clean up of tagged vertex. With the use of DATAMANAGER to store the xSignedVectorLevelSetData, we do need this template parameter any more at class level. Now only the constructor on iterator are template.
          * The members for xSignedVectorLevelSet that are not template anymore are moved to the new xSignedVectorLevelSet.cc file.
          * This as concequencies first on xIsoMathReWithSVLS, which is not a template any more, and it's member implementation have been moved to xIsoMathRep.cc
          * This also have consequencies on the different xeval build on to of a xSignedVectorLevelSet : they don't need to be template any more on the previous xSignedVectorLevelSet Iterator's type.
          * At all places where a xSignedVectorLevelSet or an  xIsoMathReWithSVLS is declared, the template parameter needed to be removed. In particular in TLSGeomInterfaceSignedVectorDistanceFunction.cc/h TLSGeomInterfaceSignedVectorLevelSet.cc/h
          * xSignedVectorLevelSetData as been changed slightly to allow for default constructor and assignment operator nedded to be used in a DataManager concept (Note :  it is not the first time I needed to do something similar ... I don't like it. It would be better if the DataManager had somesort of "emplace" setData function)
          Note : We have two differents class for very similar concept : xSignedVectorLevelSet and xVectorLevelSet. The difference is that xSignedVectorLevelSet carries a "metric" information at each vertex where it is defined. I'm thinking about removing xVectorLevelSet in a futur commit. But first the mechanism to store/compute the "metric" need to be changed since it still rely on AOMD tag.
  19. 14 Jul, 2020 1 commit
    • Nicolas CHEVAUGEON's avatar
      [xfem] xExtendShapeFcts : some aomd tagging removed · 13337f62
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
          xExtendShapeGeneratorBase now use a DATAMAMANAGER to store the
          xExtendShapeFcts instead of AOMD tag mechanism.
          since there is no tag to associated to xExtendShapeFcts, getTag() member is removed and replaced by : getExtendedShapeFcts
          xExtendShapeGeneratorBase is not template any more on typename ITERFRONT since
          this type was only used by the constructor. Only the constructor is
          template ont ITERFRONT.
          consequence of the above implyied slight changes in xSpaceExtendedShape.cc/h
          and TLSVelocity.h/_imp.h xApproxFunctionExtendedShape.h
          xFEM/src/xAttachableExtendShapeFcts.h is not used any more and moved to attic.