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    [xFEM] xBoundary.h/cc are moved to xFEM/src/attic · 5c4579b3
    Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
    class xBoundary was only used as a parameter to some
    Mechanics::TreatmentOfNatEnv that was never actually used and which was
    passed around via a member of xData. It is nothing more than an early
    implementation of xSubMesh that was passed around via cut and past for a
    long time ... Therefore, xBoundary is now made obsolete and the files
    xBoundary.h/cc are moved to xFEM/src/attic.
    all its' use will be removed from xTest.
    Note : My first clang-format related bug.
    The file xDistanceNearestPointGenerator.h need to be included before
    xDistanceNearestPoint.h, otherwise some test case can't compile !!! indeed,
    it add some overload to cgal AABBPrimitive that needs to be visible for
    template instanciation that can take place via  xDistanceNearestPoint.h.
    But clang-format messed around and I had to force the inclusion of xDistanceNearestPointGenerator.h before xDistanceNearestPoint.h, by including it at the
    beginning of xDistanceNearestPoint.h, and preventing clang-format to reorder
    the include by inserting some comment.
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