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    [SOME] Add boost finding in some CMakelists.txt · 93d77713
    Alexis SALZMAN authored
    When boost lib is not installed in your system in /usr/include
    the set of lib modified by this commite were in default. As they
    use xTool xIteratorTools.h they depend on boost header and no
    cmake operation give them access to none system boost version. The simple
    addition of some Find Boost mechanism covers this prb. Not sure that
    it is the best way to solve this issue ... as already said
    modern-cmake may be used and in this case give dependency of xtool
    to correct boost.
    Please in future pay attention to boost dependency. If you add any don't
    forget to add find in cmake. Boost are not always installed in
    Durty hack to chose the right mkl lib on new c6 Liger install. Should be
    completely revisited ....
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