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    Add xReader concept in eXlibris · f3fa13a2
    Alexis SALZMAN authored
    A xReader is a function that read a mesh file into a mesh database with
    eventually a DATAMANAGER created to keep element id association.
    This last point use the DATAMANAGER concept (xUnorderedMapDataManager,
    xGeneralUnorderedMapDataManager or xAttachedDataManagerAOMD) to
    associate to an element of the database its id in the file read.
    For now only msh file format reading is proposed with a xMshReader
    template functions located in xMeshTool/xReader. It can be easily
    completed by other template function to read Abaqus/Nastran/ ...
    file format.
    It is specialize for AOMD data base and xAttachedDataManagerAOMD (for
    DATAMANAGER ) in  xInterface/AOMD/general/src//xMshToAOMDReader.h.
    Implementation is largely inspired from AOMD_Util::importDGFile.
    It support msh version 1 and above 2 format.
    It can be used in place of AOMD_Util::import call in eXlibris.
    Note that only elements, file format and nodes block are read. Other
    blocks are ignored ....
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