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    [xFEM,xTLS]revamping the last commit regarding attached gauss point · 826905a8
    Alexis SALZMAN authored
    This is removing the statics and encapsulate things
    GP data manager is now encapsulated into a class
    xIntegrationRuleStoredDataManager from which all
    xIntegrationRuleStoredxxx class derive. This way xIntegrationRule
    is not anymore impacted and when xIntegrationRuleStoredxxx is deleted
    every thing is automatically cleaned. xIntegrationRuleStoredxxx is
    responsible of the management of attached gauss points to entity.
    xIntegrationRuleStoredDataManager encapsulate the DATAMANAGER thus in
    future switching to others things will be easy. It retake almost the
    same API as DATAMANAGER with other names.
    Now that static are removed xExtendShapeFcts had to be modified to store
    a reference of xIntegrationRuleStoredxxx so that adding GP to entity is
    possible through functor call like before but with a new parameter
    passing xIntegrationRuleStoredxxx viewd as a
    xIntegrationRuleStoredDataManager. The xIntegrationRuleStoredxxx
    instance and the xExtendShapeFcts generator are now more tied together.
    This induce that the xSpaceExtendedShape based on generator is tied to
    xIntegrationRuleStoredxxx and assemble is now a little more
    secure as the field (base on xSpaceExtendedShape) is now in coherence
    with xIntegrationRuleStoredxxx explicitly.
    Hope I did not break something somewhere. I mean test pass but there is
    not much of them on those things ....
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