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    [xfem] xExtendShapeFcts : some aomd tagging removed · 13337f62
    Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
        xExtendShapeGeneratorBase now use a DATAMAMANAGER to store the
        xExtendShapeFcts instead of AOMD tag mechanism.
        since there is no tag to associated to xExtendShapeFcts, getTag() member is removed and replaced by : getExtendedShapeFcts
        xExtendShapeGeneratorBase is not template any more on typename ITERFRONT since
        this type was only used by the constructor. Only the constructor is
        template ont ITERFRONT.
        consequence of the above implyied slight changes in xSpaceExtendedShape.cc/h
        and TLSVelocity.h/_imp.h xApproxFunctionExtendedShape.h
        xFEM/src/xAttachableExtendShapeFcts.h is not used any more and moved to attic.
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