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    [xExport] Added some functionnalities to xPostProcessingManager · 89c57a55
    Benoît LÉ authored
    - Added a getFileName() function, which calls the getFileName() of xExportManager
    (which has been made const)
    - Added an exportDebug function, to export values managers. In the future it could
    eventually be overloaded to export other debug files. A good example could be
    xCSRVector or matrixes, but it would introduced a dependency of xExport on xLinalg
    - Added a debug flag with a setDebugFlag function to add some debug output
    - Now the exportOnSpace functions automatically set the number of splits of the
    xExport to 1 (similarly to the old MyExport function of DamageGrowthBase in TLSImplicit)
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