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    xMeshTool: add parameter to migrateEntities to chose id migration or not · 36c94f48
    Alexis SALZMAN authored
    In 6a7ab97e vertex id migration have been introduced to stabilize
    xPhysSurfByTagging behavior. But, if mesh is generated in parallel
    in an independent manner, node id can be the same on different node on
    different processes. Then, if migrated, this distributed mesh may have in
    one process two different node having the same id if we force
    vertex id migration. This commit change the previous strategy by letting
    user chose if id are migrate or not. This is done by extra parameter
    fixed_vertex_id. If true (default) vertex id are migrate (distributed
    mesh have a unique node numbering). Otherwise mesh use automatic id
    numbering of AOMD database.
     Remove element id in msg of checkMesh method
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