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    [XFiles] Introduce xvalues_t typdef and reset several names · 63a68f9f
    Alexis SALZMAN authored
    This typedef represents a xValue<VT> type with VT the template parameter
    corresponding to the type of value stored in xValue.
    It is introduced to hopefully avoid misunderstanding with previously
    introduces value_t corresponding in most case to the type of value
    computed (for now we play mostly with arithmetic with those).
    Especially in xValueLinearCombinationXXX hierarchy we are dealing
    with xvalues_t, not value_t.
    It has been also introduced in xValueManagerDist to clearly separate the
    type of the values, value_t, from the type of the xValue<value_t> that
    store in the xValManager instance these information.
    This as been used as suggested by N.C. to set the type of the value_container_t
    and be more strict regarding the implementation
    In xField value_manager_t replace ValueManager to try to clarify
    getValueManager and getDoubleManager are now rigorously the same. So this
    commit removes this last method that do have a name far to specific.
    This implies lost of changes everywhere ... but re-naming of instance have
    not been done accordingly to this new method name (to much work). Names
    such as double_manager or dm should be changed ... little by little
    Test will be updated soon.
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