Commit f891e064 authored by Nicolas CHEVAUGEON's avatar Nicolas CHEVAUGEON

[removing tags ] in the process of cleaning up tags

    this commit apply some slight change in xtest  due to the changes in the tag
    handling in xMesh for data related to the octree->aomd interface
    (or more generally the data used to handle meshes with hanging entities )
    it also remove some left meshDataIdLookup for string that correspond to
    tag already defined in xMesh.
parent 9cbc2064
......@@ -79,7 +79,8 @@ class xUCFiltered
xUCFiltered(const xEntityFilter f) : filter(f)
was_created_by_tag = AOMD_Util::Instance()->lookupMeshDataId("was_created_by");
//was_created_by_tag = AOMD_Util::Instance()->lookupMeshDataId("was_created_by");
was_created_by_tag = xMesh::get_was_created_by_tag();
AOMD::mEntity * operator()(AOMD::mEntity* e)
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -149,7 +149,7 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[])
cout<<"Create Mesh and Lset\n";
xMesh * meshOctRead = new xMesh;
xLevelSet lsOctRead;
xinterface::xoctree::InterfaceOctreeToAOMDG(octree, lsoct_field, lsoct, *meshOctRead, lsOctRead,true);
xinterface::xoctree::InterfaceOctreeToAOMDG(octree, lsoct_field, lsoct, *meshOctRead, lsOctRead);
AOMD_Util::Instance()->ex_port("meshOctRead.msh", meshOctRead);
......@@ -288,7 +288,8 @@ class computeExactError
class xUpperCreatorFilteredRecursive{
xUpperCreatorFilteredRecursive(const xEntityFilter f): filter(f) {
was_created_by_tag = AOMD::AOMD_Util::Instance()->lookupMeshDataId("was_created_by");
//was_created_by_tag = AOMD::AOMD_Util::Instance()->lookupMeshDataId("was_created_by");
was_created_by_tag = xMesh::get_was_created_by_tag();
AOMD::mEntity* operator()(AOMD::mEntity* e) {
const bool debug=false;
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