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      [xTest] xBoundary is removed from all the test cases. · accd35a1
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
      Most test cases implement a function xMechanics::TreatmentOfNatEnv that was
      taking a const xBoundary & as argument, but they were never used.
      This come from a long history of "cut and past" to build test cases ...
      This was the only uses of this class in xFiles and xTest, so that xBoundary
      as just been moved to xFEM/src/Attic.
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      [xgeom changes propagated] the changes in xFiles/xGeom are propagated. · d289947f
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
      - including xBoundingBox.h and/or adding using namespace xgeom and/or
        changing xtensor::xBoundingBox.h to xgeom::xBoundingBox, and/or reordering
        headerfile inclusion by library origin, and if any of the previous,
      - Modifying CMakeLists.txt when needed to remove xGeom and add
        xGeomTools and/or xDistanceNearest and/or xScanElement
      - removing useless Mechanics_c destructor in some xxxx-test/xxxx/main.cc/h
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      [xphyssurbytagging] new test case added + correction on xtls-test/TLSGeomInterfaceTestWithDoubleCut · 3735c76f
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
          new test case added :
          It is meant to test xPhysSurfByTagging stand alone.
          For now it test in 2d different configurations involving recursiv cut,
          update, destruction, multicuts.
          It was in particular necessary to test the new implementation of
          xPhysSurfByTagging where all the direct aomd tags are replaced by
          Notice that with the new implementation, it is now possible to create 2
          xPhysSurf that intersect on the mesh, then destroy the second one, which
          only clean the part of the partititions needed to represent the deleted
          one. The first xPhysSurf is then exactly in the same state has if the
          second xPhysSurf never existed.
          MODIFYED :
          before the changes in xPhysSurfByTagging, one could call
          clearPartition() even if some xPhysSurf Were still containing some data
          on this partition. This is not possible any more : Since
          xPhysSurfByTagging associate some data with some mesh entity on
          partition. Before Clearing the partition, all the xPhysSurf must be
          either cleared or destroyed. The consequence is that the test case is
          modifyed so that the constructed TLSGeomInterfaceV0, that rely on up to 3
          xPhysSurbyTagging, is properly cleared by member cleanDomain before calling clearPartition().
          And for other test case make sure that the xPhysSurf are cleared (in correct order) before partition meshes are destroyed.
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      modified: xcrack-test/geometricderivative/geomderivRhs.h · 056f1998
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
          addede header for
          	modified:   xcrack-test/geometricderivative/geomderivRhs.h
      [xcrack-test] some #include added in mains
       due to clean up of the header of xcrack some #include were missing in :
      This 3 files have also been clag-formated.
  25. 10 May, 2020 3 commits
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      [xfem-seq-test] two level-set test updated · 06e40c16
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
        xfem-seq-test/ls_propag/main.cc and xfem-seq-test/lset_transform/main.cc are updated to use cut function from xcut/xLegacySimpleCut/xMeshCut.h/cc
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      [xfem-seq-test] updated for interface change · dc154024
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
      updated for the interface changes in xScalarFunctionDerivDiscXFEMOctree and xPhysSurfOctree
      xfem-seq-test/inclusion_xfem_high_order/main.cc updated to take into account interface change in
      xScalarFunctionDerivDiscXFEMOctree and xPhysSurfOcree
      ref for xfem-seq-test/hexQuadLevelset have been reordered
      modified files :
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      [xtest] some reference are updated. · 77e8a5c5
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
  26. 07 May, 2020 1 commit
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      [xfem-seq-test] change from xfile commit... · df7037b6
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
      [xfem-seq-test] change from xfile commit 0ef7f77b90c548e059a94923cd0a7d7626727771 forced an update of some ref
      As often, some results are same between the 2 releases, up to a reordering.
      I verifyed manually the where needed and updated them.
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      [Xtest] Implement the changes from Xfiles's commit · 4cc1c1d7
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
            Changes from Xfile commit
            are propagatted in Xtest.
            Some reference have been changed when only the ordering of the data
            were different.
      	modified:   xcrack-test/postpro_crack/reference/crack.msh
      	modified:   xcrack-test/postpro_crack/reference/crack.vtu
      	modified:   xdoublecut-seq-test/simple_use_xphysurfCutDom/main.h
      	modified:   xfem-seq-test/ls_propag/main.cc
      	modified:   xinterface-xoctree-test/assembly/main.cc
      	modified:   xinterface-xoctree-test/assembly/main.h
      	modified:   xtls-test/WeigthedDirectionalAverageConvergence3D/main.h
    • Nicolas CHEVAUGEON's avatar
      [xtest] xMesh::partition_tag removed follow up · 5b865799
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
           This is a followup of  commit
           8be52876c164c6da54ba492e1ea248e407a10c13 of Xfiles.
           It updates the changes in xMesh into test files related to the
           After the previous update, some test were still failing and the
           follwing additional changes were done :
           - [xfem-para-test/complex2d/] ref changed. The ref for this test
             case stongly depends on  the memory usage. The matrix ordering
            depends on the relative address of the entity.
             So that the produced results matrix where not the same than in
             the previous reference.
             Actually the numeric value where identical but not the ordering.
             To verify that the new matrices  were the same, I loaded them
             in a linear algebra tool and checked that
             the eigen value where indeed the same.
           - [xdoublecut-seq-test/hammerhead] The way hammerhead was
             previoulsy set up, it could crash if the ordering of the nodes in
              the memory was not the same as the ordering of the nodes in the
             file that stored the ls value at nodes or the svls value at nodes.
             For the svls value, since a reader already exist in the library,
             I modifyed it directly in Xfiles.
             for the ls it is modifyied directly in the main.
       Changes to be committed:
      	modified:   xdoublecut-seq-test/hammerhead/main.cc
      	modified:   xfem-para-test/complex2d/main.cc
      	modified:   xfem-seq-test/functional_xRefCutToAOMD_cutMeshByRef_3D_Recursif/main.cc
      	modified:   xfem-seq-test/highOrderQuadHex/main.cc
      	modified:   xinterface-xoctree-test/anisotropicHoleXfem/main.cc
      	modified:   xinterface-xoctree-test/assembly/main.cc
      	modified:   xinterface-xoctree-test/functional_HangingL2Projection_2D/main.cc
      	modified:   xinterface-xoctree-test/functional_HangingL2Projection_3D/main.cc
      	modified:   xinterface-xoctree-test/hole_xfem_octree/main.cc
      	modified:   xinterface-xoctree-test/hole_xfem_octree_no_hanging/main.cc
      	modified:   xinterface-xoctree-test/hole_xfem_octree_no_hanging3D/main.cc
      	modified:   xinterface-xoctree-test/inclusion_xfem_octree/main.cc
      	modified:   xinterface-xoctree-test/thin_layer/main.cc
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  33. 11 Mar, 2020 1 commit
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      [removing tags ] in the process of cleaning up tags · f891e064
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
          this commit apply some slight change in xtest  due to the changes in the tag
          handling in xMesh for data related to the octree->aomd interface
          (or more generally the data used to handle meshes with hanging entities )
          it also remove some left meshDataIdLookup for string that correspond to
          tag already defined in xMesh.
  34. 05 Mar, 2020 1 commit