1. 10 Dec, 2019 1 commit
  2. 22 Nov, 2019 2 commits
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      - made some progress for structured_mesh_v2. · e40604ab
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
        vertex and region are now hashable, so that bfs works.
      - more results in bench_build_large_mesh.txt
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      - for each entityin dynamic simplex added hasxxxadjacencies -so that we can · ca82bfd4
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
        know from an entity type if given adjencencies is computable
      - for each entiy, added a using entityxxx, so that the type of region can be
         known from a vertex for example.
      - algorithm in mesh_algorithm as been updated to take advantage of
        the previous to static_assert that the needed adjacencies exist
      - starting the work of improving structured mesh so that it conform to
        the generic interface and can then be use in algorithm.
        See structured_mesh_v2.h that will eventually replace structured_mesh.h
  3. 20 Nov, 2019 1 commit
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      - added orientation concept for tri->edge and tet->tri. · 4e6f89d6
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
        based on the hardadjacenciespolicy
      - now hard adjacencies policy is an array of unsigned short instead of bool so that
        one can choose from it if he wants the orientation
      - added find_tet from vertices.
      - added more second level neighbor in mesh algorithm
      - clean up the bench_large mesh for some of the mdb case by making a function
      - added bfs test in bench_large mesh. now we have :
         r->f->r, r->e->r, r->v->r
         f->r->f, f->e->f, f->v->f
         e->r->e, e->f->e, e->v->e
         v->r->v, v->f->v, v->e->v
      -TODO : - handleisation
              - bench refine
              - others bfs for aomd, pumi, moab
              - more container policy for mesh
              - cyclic adjacencies using boost::shared_container_iterator
  4. 15 Nov, 2019 1 commit
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      added bench comp with moab in bench_build_large_mesh. · 0d6eff8f
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
      added moab test hello world in test_moab.
      cleaning up bench_build_large mesh
      added breath fist serach inside mesh in src/core/mesh_algorithm
      added construct a new mesh from iterator on tet (this need to be generalized ...) wait for top level iterator ... mean wiat for handle ...
  5. 13 Nov, 2019 1 commit
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      change of template parameter for entities and mesh. · 884dbc12
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
      Now template allocator for upper_adjacencies and mesh are passed with upper_adjacencies_container_traits and entity_container_traits.
      -> Container for upper adjacencies and entity can now me parametrized from outside.
      -> For the case of entity_container the base uppon which an entity must be derived to be inserted in the container is also contained in the entity_container_traits.
         (for entity stored in pilist for example, an entity must be dreived from pilist member.)
      -> Pool allocator now accept to allocate more than one entry at once.
         Used in particular for upper_adjacencies_container_traits_vector.
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  11. 11 Oct, 2019 3 commits
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      file where not git rm at previous commit · 91f9dc93
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
       Changes to be committed:
      	deleted:    core/mdb.h
      	deleted:    core/mdb_2.h
      	deleted:    core/topoentity.h
      	deleted:    core/topoentity_v2.h
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      changing names and moving files around · ab8b1921
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
      files mdb.h and topoentity.h have been moved to the deprecated folder
      files mdb_2.h and topoentities_v2.h have been renamed as :
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      finishing mesh for topov2, +clean up and changing some bad names · 7e555244
      Nicolas CHEVAUGEON authored
      moved void_type to file generic_tools.h
      atomic test improved.
      entities_v2 :
       - checking correctness of entities is now a compile time decision
      mesh v2 :
       -  mesh::xxxentity now have the get_owner() member that return the address of the mesh the entity belong to
       -  now we have the clean member function
       -  erase(entitiy),
       -  the xxxentities_size() members
       -  the xxxentities_empty() members
       -  the xxxentities_range() members
      Some class name have changed ... I will finish this in the next commits with more name changed and some file moved
      In particular, the previous versions of entities and mesh will be moved to the deprecated folder
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