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    [xMeshTool] add a new Parmetis partition function with weight · bc7d89a7
    Alexis SALZMAN authored
    This commit is adding template function setParmetisPartitionWithWeight that
    use a set of weights per element to optimize ParMetis partitioning based on
    multi criteria (the weights).  The template parameter (an int) is fixing the
    number of weights per element. The interface is kept simple. Only an extra
    xAttachedDataManagerAOMD is used to passe weights set per element.
    No test case for now but it have been heavily tested in some apps.
    This function is using almost the same algo as the one used for
    setParmetisPartition in the cc file. It is rather dirty (code
    duplication) but efficient.
    It add also a new dependency in terms of cmake. xInterfaceParMetis must
    now be added in cmake to use xLoadBalanceTools. But anyway from my point
    of view it should already be the case. Normally xInterfaceParMetis should
    embedded ParMetis and in cmake finding metis/parmetis lib should not be
    done.... Modern cmake would do even more by setting all this dependency
    setting for you .....
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