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    [xFEM,xLinalg,...] Templatize xDistVector / Introduce xCPPBlasDef<T> · 70fc502c
    Grégory LEGRAIN authored
    Thanks a lot to @asalzman for his help.
    xDistVector is now a template class: it can hold any numerical types
    such as float, double, std::complex<double> etc...
    By default, double values are assumed, so that in your code, you should
    only need to replace xDistVector by xDistVector<>
    In addition, xlinalg::xCPPBlasDef<T> is introduced in order to simplify
    blas calls, and allow easy template blas code. All the available calls
    are listed in xBlasDef.h. Today, float, double and complex<double>
    values are considered (not with feature parity).
    xCSRVector, xDenseMatrix etc... are modified to use xCPPBlasDef.
    Update xDistVector atomic test case to float/double/complex values
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