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    [xGraph] turn exportDot into a parallel MPIIO export function + API change · e44f8de7
    Alexis SALZMAN authored
    exportDot is now working with MPIIO io library. If called with
    MPI-com_self or a mono process communicator it output a full undirected
    graph without parallel information. If called with many process each
    containing part of undirected graph it encapsulate each part in a
    subgraph named with the process id. If node ID is unique across process
    common nodes are unique among the representation obtain with dot but
    connection do exist in between subgraph(process).
    Function API is now reacher. User must at least give something to
    associate KEYTYPE object to a unique id. It represents the node
    id in the graph associated to the key. Optionally user may set a
    specific label to each node and a weight label to each edges.
    Some new methods have been added to nodeTo class (one avoid exportDot
    to becomes a friend function of the class).
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