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    Refactoring 2019 : add new nemaspaces and rename directories · bbb9c5d7
    Gilles MARCKMANN authored
        Takes into account refactoring and namespace changes.
        Old name                         New name
        =================                ======================
        anlytical-test          -> 	     analyticalsolution-test
        xcrack-test             ->       xcrack-test
        xdomaindecomp-test	    ->       xdomaindecomp-test
        xdoublecut-seq-test	    ->       xdoublecut-seq-test
        xext-test-seq	    ->       xext-test-seq
        FastMarching-test	    ->       xfastmarching-test
        xfem-para-test 	    ->       xfem-para-test
        xfem-seq-test	    ->       xfem-seq-test
        geom-test	    	    ->       xgeom-test
        xoctreeinterface-test   ->       xinterface-xoctree-test
        xsplitmeshinterface-test->       xinterface-xtemplaterefinemesh-test
        solverinterfaces	    ->       xlinalg-test
        physics-seq-test	    ->       xphysics-seq-test
        Xtest/common	    ->       Xtest/common
        xtls-test	    	    ->       xtls-test
        eXlibris_tools-test	    ->       xtool-test
        mechanics_ramp_heaviside: change LS.pos according to new order
        modified cmake commands to define list of test-cases: use "set(LIST ...)" instead of "list(GLOB LIST ...)".
        then the element of the list is tested to check that directory exists before creating the test.
        return a FATAL_ERROR if the directory does not exist. So it avoid missing test.
        mechanics_ramp_heaviside: add clean dependancy in cmake so that // ctest work
        Somme other cmakefile update to take into account xFEM/xExport dependance
        CMakeLists modifyed :
        now that xExport library is not appended to the libraries in XFEM_LIBRARIES,
        xExport library was explicitly added where needed.